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P-Line Fluorocarbon lines which one is stronger and better?

P-Line CX Premium Fishing Line?
P-Line Fluorocarbon Fishing Line?
P-Line Fluoroclear Fishing Line?
P-Line CFX® Fluorocarbon Leaders?

NEED HELP! Im thinking of going lake fishing for carps, bass, and catfish....
I was thinking going for Fluorocarbon line, but there are so many types that offered from P-line.
I'm getting a 8lb and 6lb line for my two spinning reel rods....

I would suggest going with monofilament line for all of the fish that you listed. Flourocarbon does have it's strong points, but mono has it beat in an overall aspect.

If I were you, I would have one setup for Bass, and one for the Carp and Catfish.

For Bass, stick to an 8-12 pound mono. 8 pound being for finesse baits and smaller fish, and 10-12 for heavier baits, cover, and bigger Bass.

For Catfish, I wouldn't use anything below a 12 pound mono, 14+ would be the safer bet.

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