Crayfish Bass

Whats the best bass lure for the fall?

and what size would i need for about 1-3 pound bass?

bass are fattening up for the winter. this is many anglers' favorite season. bass will take practically anything at this time of year. many people like buzzbaits and spinnerbaits in fall. my pick for a hard bait would be a surface lure, a "zara spook". but l am personally going to stick with my soft plastics, in particular, a "fat ika". bass feed on crayfish year round, and while this thing to me, looks nothing like a crayfish, bass must think so as they go nuts for it.

and why ANYONE would target small bass is beyond me. those can be caught by anyone at any time. get some bass learnin' and a bit of experience and move up to 5, 6 pounds with the occasional 8.

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