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Debra Dale Designs Launches Innovative Blank Flash Card Learning System

Debra Dale Designs Launches Innovative Blank Flash Card Learning System

Blank Flash Cards

May 26, 2013 - Sacramento, CA -- Debra Dale Designs has just released their first product for the student educational market. This new product has been designed to be superior to other blank flash card learning systems that are currently being offered and it comes with a LIFETIME guarantee. This innovative product features larger cards on heavier paper in a convenient and durable plastic storage container with an attached lid that can't get lost.

This product has 1,100 pieces and each one measures a generous 3.5" by 2", which is large enough to write questions and answers for any subject. With 5 assorted pastel card stock colors it is easy to create a custom studying system with each color representing a class or subject. Teachers and students find this to be a complete learning system for memorizing rote information. Even younger students can benefit from this system as all the pieces can be kept neatly together after opening, unlike some other brands. All components of this product are proudly made in the United States which gives users the assurance that they are made from high quality American materials.

"Debbie Martinez, President and creator of Debra Dale Designs says students of all ages will find this learning system to be a vast improvement over other brands that are currently available. We tested what was already available, read customer reviews of those products and set about to create something superior. This product is currently being sold on Amazon and is receiving fantastic customer reviews." Blank Flash Cards

"Very nice set. Plastic storage container keeps the blank flash cards clean and organized. Definitely suits my studying needs. Having 5 different colors to choose from is great. 5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect Flash Cards!" says Sandra D. Roland

"Great plastic storage container. The blank flash cards are slightly oversized and a good heavy paper stock. I will be able to use this set for a long time." says Richard Householder

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Debra Dale Designs creates unique and innovative products in the student educational market. Blank Flash Card Learning System

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