Bass Crankbait

wats the best crankbait?

size color make?
for bass and ive tried shad shaped stuff and it doesnt work. and wats better crankbaits or walk the do style lures

There's not a "best" Bass crankbait. A shallow-diving chartreuse crankbait may be the ticket Tuesday, but when Thursday comes along a deep-diving shad crankbait will slay them. It's best to have a tackle box full of assorted styles, colors, and depths of crankbaits. Shallow-divers, mid-divers, deep-divers. Shad, bluegill, crayfish, and firetiger colors. So when that day comes along where they're not hitting one style/size, you can switch and get 'em.

Doesn't work? You probably weren't fishing it right or not at the right time. ALL lures work in one situation or two. I'd recommend learning to properly fish a crankbait if you don't know already.

Crankbaits work in situations where walk-the-dog baits don't, and vice verse. I'd recommend using a walk-the-dog bait when Bass are chasing shad near the surface, where there is a little bit of current and "ripple" in the water. When the Bass are doing the same thing, but the surface is calm, use a popper. Deep-divers work great in the beginning of Fall when you want to knock rocks on the bottom of the lake to attract fish which are looking for mainly crayfish. Mid-divers are good on suspended fish. And shallow-divers will work in the same situations that the walk-the-dog lure will.

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