Casting House

i'm looking to buy a precast reinforced concrete house, anywhere in the UK. Where can i find some?

Do you know any estate agents that can help, and auction sites i can look into? i'm looking for reema, airey, cornish, wates mainly, but will look into boswell, orlits, hawksley woolaway, boots. thanks.
Thats kinda what i'm hoping to do. There are repair schemes available where the concrete is removed and replaced with block n brick. making the property mortgagable.

I have one of these pre-cast houses, that is mortgage free,and you cannot sell them because as you say no-one will give you a mortgage although the houses are sound, The most you can get for them is £55,000.and that's for a 2 bed roomed corner plot. I am approaching 60 and cannot afford to take out another mortgage although I would like to move. Am in Birmingham

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