Green Bass

How much could I sell this ESCAPE THE FATE autographed CD for?

The CD is "There's No Sympathy For the Dead" and inside the little booklet thing is autographed by Craig Mabbitt [lead vocals] and Max Green [bass, backing vocals]

And im looking to sell it on Ebay if I do decide to sell it.

How much do you think I could get for it?

*its in perfect condition*

well if im not mistaken they're declining in popularity (although craig mabbit certainly isnt). but that was definitely one of their good albums.... perfect condition is good of course. You could probably get quite a bit for it, but with ebay there's no telling prices (people buy old sandwhiches and flies that "have been hypnotized for a thousand years" for hundreds of dollars for god's sake).

I have no concrete suggestion, but probly a fair amount of money. Maybe you should check ebay for prices on similar items?

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