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What kind of car speakers should i get?

Out of these brands ( believe me i know they all suck ) i am cheap and dont care. Don't tell me im wasting my money and dont tell me to not get any. All of these speakers are 4 way and i want a pair for 6.5" and 6.9"

bass inferno
phonics digital
Also if you see it like this any speaker besides OEM replacment is better than stock no? i have a 1995 dodge neon and the speakers suck. So VR3 or walmart brand would be better than nothing. And if the stock speakers were good since 95 then whats the problem with getting some cheapies?
People could b part retarded...hmmm not sure. Dude obvs these speakers suck....and im not going to get subs. I live where things get stolen out of cars very easyily....had kicker W7s that got stolen and im never wasting money again. So please people just answer my intial question.

ALL GARBAGE! They all are cheap flea market speakers that will blow. I know you dont wanna hear it, but you get what you pay for!

Are you cheap? What happens when they break and you have to buy NEW speakers again? Then you wont be able to be so cheap....

Dude, you can get some decent low end pioneer speakers for cheap that will be better. The pawn shop by my house has a ton of higher end speakers, new and used, for cheap.

PS to the clueless "still hungry"... pyramid and pyle dont make ANYTHING thats even decent, subs, amps, speakers, nothing.

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