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SpeedPro Chromatic Clip On Guitar Tuner for Electric Guitar, Black, with 3 Year Guarantee, Battery Included

This could seem dumb, particularly when talking about something as simple as a clip on guitar tuner, yet exactly what an outstanding sensation it is when you finally stumble across something that not just supplies you a high-grade, reputable product, yet also backs it up with a free guarantee (its true, keep reading and I will discuss.)

If youre anything like me, then Im fairly sure youve been through your reasonable share of clip on guitar tuners. Youve had the one that the clip breaks, the one that you need that small screw driver to get the battery compartment off and the one thats made of economical fragile plastic. Being a poor musician Ive always bought my guitar add-ons at Guitar Center or Sam Ash based on cost, figuring theyre all practically the exact same; and theyve constantly ended up scrap.

Since Im a big follower of (enjoy the money-back guarantee that enables you to send anything back that youre not satisfied with and their fast shipping), I thought I d give them a try for a guitar tuner. Wow! That ended up a wonderful decision. Not only did I get a clip-on guitar tuner with a FREE 3-year guarantee (unlike the guarantees you need to pay for at the other music stores) yet exactly what truly impressed me was the fabulous follow up they had to ensure I received my tuner and more notably (to me anyway) they provided me a lot of fantastic tips on tuning my guitar. To top that off, they also provided me wonderful assistance on reading tabs and charts ... dont underestimate that, I consider myself an experienced guitar player and I found out a couple wonderful tips.

Maybe Ive just had bad luck with clip-on guitar tuners in the past, yet I have absolutely never been so impressed with a guitar accessory like this before and if youre in the market for a brand-new guitar tuner then I urge you to click on the web link listed here to get yours now and see for yourself. If you choose to try it out, let me know your thoughts, Im sure youll be more than impressed!

Only Chromatic Clip On Guitar Tuner backed by 3 Year No-Hassle Assurance

- Buy this guitar tuner and dont think about buying another guitar tuner for at least 1,095 days from now!
- The only thing youre responsible for with the SpeedPro Guitar Tuner is replacing the battery when needed!
- When you get your guitar tuner, register it online and in the unlikely event you have to exchange it, well have the information on file for you. You will not require to try to find a receipt or proof of purchaseJust return the chromatic guitar tuner to us and well send you a brand new, free of cost, clip-on guitar tuner.

Strong clip guarantees high sensitivity vibration for exact tuning

- Quality workmanship and design guarantees clip will not break off
- Strengthened clip spring for tight grip each time
- Silicone grip will not scratch headstock

Best Guitar Tuner For Live-performance Use

The guitar tuner is an essential accessory for a performer, but you want the audience focused on YOU! Thats why the MAC SpeedPro Guitar Tuner is small and dark; it doesnt draw attention to itself. Yet its display is simple to read in all lighting conditions. Use it while playing an outdoor festival or in a dark club and the SpeedPro Guitar Tuner is equally simple to read in both settings. And unlike other tuners for guitars, the SpeedPro has an easy-open battery compartment so you dont need a screwdriver or any unique tools to change the battery.
Accurate and exact tuning

The MAC SpeedPro Chromatic Clip On Guitar Tuner tunes within +/- 1 cent. Tuning range: A0 (27.5 Hz) - C8 (4186 Hz) and A4 frequency: 440 Hz

Perfect guitar tuner for beginners and pros alike

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