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How do i overclock my GT5670 pc?

I have a Gateway GT5670 PC with a Nvidia 6150SE chip-set , an AMD Phenom 8400 Triple Core Processor, an ATI 4870 video card and will soon have a NZXT Zero 2 Craft Series Full-T Case with plenty of fans and cooling. I have 3GB of DDR2 RAM and a 550W PSU. My average idle Temperature is 21'C. I run my video card overclocked even when at idle and the average idle Temperature is about 64'C. How can i safely and efficiently overclock my CPU without doing any damage to my CPU or Motherboard. I am planning on getting an aftermarket heat sink and fan in the future. Thanks for your help :)

Well, the question should be, can I overclock, not so much what is the safest over clock.

To figure this out, go into the bios and look to seek if you can change any of the cpu values by adjusting the front side bus specs. if these are not listed or you can't change them, then you are unable to overclock period.

Most manufactueres disable the overclocking features to prevent consumers from voiding their warrenties.

If overclocking is something you Need to do, think about getting a new motherboard.

A good place is

Hope this helps

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