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What are the 36 moves you learn in the Gracie Combatives program?

You can find an overview of the curriculum at Gracie University's website,

These are their descriptions not mine but the 36 techniques are:

1. Trap and Role Escape
2. Americana Armlock
3. Positional Control Mount
4. Take the Back (Mount)
5. Rear Naked Choke
6. Leg Hook Takedown
7. Clinch (Aggressive Opponent)
8. Punch Block Series (Stages 1-4)
9. Straight Armlock (Mount)
10. Triangle Choke
11. Elevator Sweep
12. Elbow Escape (Mount)
13. Positional Control (Side Mount)
14. Body Fold Takedown
15. Clinch (Conservative Opponent)
16. Headlock Counters
17. Double Leg Takedown
18. Headlock Escape 1
19. Straight Armlock (Guard)
20. Double Ankle Sweep
21. Pull Guard
22. Headlock Escape 2
23. Guillotine Choke
24. Shrimp Escape
25. Kimura Armlock
26. Standing Headlock Defense
27. Punch Block Series (Stage 5)
28. Hook Sweep
29. Rear Takedwon
30. Haymaker Punch Defense
31. Take the Back (Guard)
32. Guillotine Defense
33. Elbow Escape (Side Mount)
34. Standing Armlock
35. Twisting Arm Control
36. Double Underhook Guard Pass

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