Bass Yards

Why the hell do girls like all the 'pretty' guys these days?

Harry Styles. Edward Cullen. Nick Jonas. Justin Bieber. Zayn Malike. Zac Efron. Clean shaven Asian guys.
Is there anyone around here who likes masculinity in a man?
@Tony: Asian guys look like their girls anyway (not meant to be racists, sorry), fair skin and toffee-colored eyes etc and it's worse when they shave everything off!

I like my men to be hairy, with broad manly features. I like my mountain men, gun toting country boys, my hunters, and my sweaty athletic men.

Actually, I'm put off by any feminine trait. If I even sense some femininity I'll be on edge.

If he can cook it better be manly fare. If he can sing he better be bass.

Yard work is his contribution to the house. The kitchen is my domain. Like that.

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