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World Record Crappie Weight and Length HELP!!!!?

I have a jr. record water body crappie but i want to know how much it should weigh… the certified people weighed my 16 inch crappie at 1 pound. i find that B.S. cuz i've seen many videos of crappies on youtube and the internet at 3 pounds that are like 13 inches. the crappie i caught is very fat too so i don't understand…

what do you think it should weigh? i wish i could post a picture...

(Note this uses pounds and ounces, not decimal pounds.)

I doubt there have been any 13 inch crappie which weighed 3 pounds -- either they were more like 16 or 17 inches, or the weight was an exaggeration (fishermen never lie, do they?) Likewise, there's no way a normal shaped crappie 16 inches long only weighs one pound. Maybe a thin 16 inch trout, but not a crappie.

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