Marabou Crappie

how do u turn worms green?

Most colored worms and colored maggots come from adding vegetable dyes to the bedding materials you keep the worms in or to the meat/feed you offer the fly larvae. (Even live minnows and other bait fish can be dyed with food coloring.) If you can't find green food coloring, add a mix of yellow and blue for the same results. Vegetable dye usually comes in a box with an assortment of colors...4 or 5. Try different colors for different results. You can also use the dyes to change white marabou crappie jigs to an orange/tan color which more closely resembles natural baits like freshwater shrimp, scuds, etc. You can find the food coloring in the grocery store in the same area where you find cake decorating supplies like colored sugar, etc. It is inexpensive and a little bit goes a long way. Because it is water-based, died lures and jigs usually fade out again fairly quickly, but can be re-dyed as often as you like. That's not a problem with live bait. For more permanent dyes on man-made lures, you will want fabric dye which is more color specific and requires boiling water to dissolve. I don't recommend it because it is much more labor intensive and challenging to use successfully than food coloring. Good luck and good fishing.

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