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What's the difference between the Xbox 360 Elite and Regular Xbox 360?

i am think of which to buy and i want to know if the elite has a high def graphics and the regular one doesnt and if it has a high def DVD player! Thank you very much!!!!!

Regular? There are 4 different 360s now: Core, Pro/Premium, Elite, and Halo.

The Pro/Premium (MS uses the terms interchangably) is the simplest model to use as a baseline for comparison. It has a 20GB hard drive, combination Componenet/composite cables, and a wireless controller. Standard DVD drive. Wired ethernet connection. Supposedly, the new ones are going to have HDMI soon, but I haven't heard of anyone seeing such a system yet.

The Core is like the Pro/Premium, except without the hard drive and the controller with it is wired instead of wireless.

The Halo model is a Pro/Premium with a new paintjob and HDMI.

The Elite is a Pro/Premium with a 120GB hard drive and HDMI.

None of them have an HD-DVD drive in them. All of them have the same graphics processor and memory. The only difference in visual performance is that most HDTVs refuse to accept a 1080p signal over Component, so you'd want an HDMI system for that.

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