Seaguar Fluorocarbon

Leader Line For Big Snapper?

Hi guys, im using 80lb Braid and wanted to know what lb leader should i use?? I use to use 50lb braid but got busted off a few time and never used a leader before. I needed new line and the guy gave me 80lb for the price of 50lb so i got it. Also how long should the leader be??


I'd suggest 25-30LB Fluorocarbon. If they are truly "monster" Snapper move up to 30-40LB Fluorocarbon.

If you go any heavier your catch ratio will fall because (even with Fluro's invisibility) they will see your line. Snapper tend to be "spooky" around heavier leader line....

Leader length??- Somewhere between 4 - 6FT.

A tip: Start with 25LB and move up to 30LB if you start having issues. Make sure your using Fluorocarbon. Fluro has the best abrasion resistance of any line and has the refractive index of water- making it invisible under water. I like Seaguar for leader's-

UPDATE: Available is correct, (thumbs up). It would depend on what type of Snapper you were chasing- My answer would be for Yellowtail, Mutton, and Mangroves. You would need heavier leaders for Red Snapper. I generally don't like to connect Braid to Mono with a knot, if I don't have to- I use a barrel swivel. But, if the fish are super spooky, you do what you have to do....

When I do, I usually tie an Albright Knot, (although a Surgeon's Knot can work well for smaller fish- like M. Snapper).

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