Sinker Bass

When fishing for these fish how is my rig supposd to be? I'm making my own rigs.?

In this order-
Sturgeon-30 lb test to sliding sinker (6oz) to swivel to leader to big hook
Ocean Perch (from pier) -8lb test to to sliding siker (3oz) to swivel to 15lb test to small hook
Ocean Perch (from surf)-same as above but with 6oz sinker
Bass-same as sturgeon

Do these setups sound right.Do I have the hook and sinker in the right place? I just get confused about the different setups. And trying to get things down to the basic setups. Thanks!


it doesn't really matter how u tie ur stuff,its whether the place got lots of fish or not.If the place is nicely stocked then many bites will come ur way.Terminal tackle r only doing a bit of easing the pain of a bad day n making presentation of ur lure/bait to be slightly more well presented to da fish.If u r worried bout lines not strong enough then u must know what type of game ur in,finesse or power,big or small fish.It's best to minimize any knots if possible even swivel etc cos the more u tie this n that the more it weaken the line to some degree.Setup r only basics cos I think that no one after turning to expert will follow textbook details again.Find what suits u then upgrade/finetune.Its so hot that a gal fish,keep doing this.

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