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Sheet music for Pictures at an Exhibition?

I am hoping to conduct this suite next year for wind ensemble. The arrangement that my school has seems to be missing many parts, and is no longer in print. Does an one know where I can find a "suite"able arrangement?

It must be arranged for wind ensemble.
It must be as close to the original as possible, my band is very competent.

The "original" composition is for piano. No band arrangement is allowed to sound close to the Ravel arrangement for orchestra as that is under copyright. The Simpson arrangement is closest in sound to the Ravel without using the same instrumentation or strings.
A list of Band arrangements from the complete Mussorgsky Pictures Chart:

2.Wind Ensemble/Band/editions:

Trans. Boyd, John (b. 1944)
Pub: LudwigMasters, Boca Raton Fl.
A "wind band" version, the instrumentation is:
2 flutes, third flute doubling on picc, one alto flute; 2 oboes, third oboe doubling on EH; 3 Bb cl, 1 Eb, 1 Eb Alto cl, 1 Bb Bass cl, 1 Bb contrabass cl; Bb soprano sax, 2 Eb Alto sax, 1 Bb Tenor sax, 1 Eb Bari sax; 2 bsn, 1 cbsn; 4 French horns; 2 tpt I, 2 tpt II, 2 tpt III, 2 tpt 4/flugelhorn; 2 tbn I, 2 tbn II, 1 bass tbn, 3 euphonium, 4 tuba; one string bass; 1 timp + 8 per (SD, BD, tam-tam, sus cym, woodblock, triangle, cym, xylo, marimba, vibes, chimes, glock), 1 harp; 1 célesta; 1 mandolin
Mandolin is in section II only; célesta in section IV only.
Score and parts for sale. Parts also sold in seven separate sections.
Catalog number 10100314 Score $50.00
“A fresh and respectful rendition of this classic work. It makes full use of the character, colors, and textures of the work and offers ample ensemble and solo sonorities.” A substantial work, it can be purchased in sections or as a complete set ($325). One complete score is available encompassing all sections.
Trans. Hindsley, Mark – Pictures at an Exhibition (complete), for concert band.
Pub The Hindsley Transciptions, Ltd., Robert Hindsley, Publisher, 18559 Carpenter Street, Homewood,IL 60430,
Phone:708.799.6491 Fax:708.799.9696
2 flutes, 1 picc., 2 oboes (second doub on English Horn), 2 bassoons, contra bassoon, 3 Bb clarinets, Bb bass clarinet, Eb contrabass clarinet, 1st alto saxophone, 2nd alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone; 3 cornets, 2 trumpets, 4 horns, 3 trombones, euphonium, tuba, timpani +2 perc, 1 harp.
Score and parts for sale.
Arranged Keulen, Geert Van
Pictures at an exhibition / Modest Mussorgsky / orchestration for large wind ensemble by Geert van Keulen, orch. 1992
2 flutes doubling on picc, 3rd flute doubles on alto; 2 oboes, 3rd oboe doubles on EH, 4th oboe double on heckelphone; 1st cl doub. on Bb/A cl, 2nd cl doub. on Bb/A/and basset horn, 3rd cl doub. on Bb/A/and Eb cl, 1 Bb bass cl, 1 Bb contrabass cl; 2 bsn, 1 contrabsn; 4 horns; 3 Bb tpts, one bass tpt in Eb; 2 tbn, 1 bass tbn, tuba; NO PERC!
Pub. Donemus Amsterdam 1992 U.S. rental agent Presser Score and parts rental. Not for sale.
Trans. Simpson, Carl (b. 1955), transcriber & Reed, Alfred (1921-2005), editor
Pub: LudwigMasters Music Publications (©2004)'
2+Picc, 2+Eh., 6-12(3 Bb pts)+Eb +Alto +Bass +Contra Clar, 2+Cbn - SATBar Saxes - 4, 3, 3+2Eph, 2 – Tmp+4 Perc - String Bass.
Score and parts for sale M9101 $450.00
Arr. Leidzen, Erik W. G. Pub. Carl Fischer, LLC 1941
PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION section #1- P.0.P, # 2 ?, # 3 -P.O.P.
Concert Band
3+Picc;2;3+Eb, Alto, Bass Clar; 2 Alto, Ten, Bar, Bass Sax; 2 Bsn – 4,2+2,3, Eph, Tubas, Str Bass, Timp, Perc, Hp.
“This item has been discontinued and is permanently out of print. It is listed for archival information only.” [Section #2 may still be for sale. The complete arrangement is not listed in the C. Fischer rental catalog on line.] Many bands own this arrangement.
Other band arr. listed by William H. Rehrig: THE HERITAGE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BAND MUSIC
Pictures at an Exhibition [complete] Band arrangements. Publisher and arranger given:
a. (Pub: Band Music Press, 1997, arr. Jim Prime)
b. (Bourne, arr. D. Schaeffer)
c. (Curnow, 2000, arr. Tohru Takahashi)
d.(Halter, 1985, arr. N. Studnitzky)
e. (Jenson, 1985, arr. J. Curnow)
f. (Martin, 1979, arr. J.C. Amiot)
g. (Molenaar, 1997, arr. Armin Suppan)
h. (Tierolff, arr. A. den Arend)
i. (unpublished, arr. J.S. Howgill)

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