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what size acoustic bass should i get if im 5ft tall?

im 13 and i want an acoustic base. i am about 5ft tall. any ideas my base-loving friends?

btw price under like $400 or so would be nice

Do you mean an upright bass when you say "acoustic"? If so, good luck finding anything remotely close to $400. You might find something around $600 but should really expect to be nearing $1000. Check these out - http://band-orchestra.musiciansfriend.com/navigation/double-bass-?N=100001+350557&Ns=P_Price|0&rpp=20

I'm 5'5 and play a 3/4 upright. I should have bought a 1/2 - 3/4 is too big for me. But the sound is big and full and sound is what really matters.

If you mean an acoustic guitar type bass then your finger length and stretch is more important than your height. I have short fingers and prefer a 30" scale for comfort but I like the sound of the 34" scale so usually play full size unless it needs fast-fingers (which bass rarely does). Play some of those though - those bodies are really big and not so comfortable for smaller people.

A short scale electric like a Beatle Bass is a nice in-between an acoustic and electric that's comfortable to play and won't set you back too much.

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